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The Process / Technique

Drawing from a sketch, photo or memory, I form the figure by hand, using minimal tools such as a wooden knife and pliers. There are no molds or casts in the creative process, so each piece is unique. 
Once the form is complete, the sculpture is painted, mounted and framed to hang, assuming the form of a relief. 

While most forms of sculpture are additive or reductive, I enjoy the challenge of breathing life into a sheet of steel wire mesh, where no material can be added or removed, and no crease erased. 
The lightness and transparency of the mesh  offer a sense of simplicity to the gestures and feel of lightness to the movement, while the hardness of the metal promises that the moment captured continues well beyond its fragment of time.

Pictures taken during Mericourt France Art Residency, 2017


About Me

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It all started when…

Bio – Born in New Jersey,  Bonnie moved to Israel during her childhood where she was raised and lived the next 30 years of her life.  Married with two sons yet consumed by the corporate life,  she decided it was time to to stop and "take a breath". In 2006 she she closed the office doors and ventured out on artistic endevors, a pursuit which led her to the exploration of sculpture, using wire mesh as her primary medium. Bonnie focused on figurative studies in the studio classes of Israeli artists No’am Douieb and mentored with sculptor Shulamit Hartal, where she acquired her knowledge on mesh sculpting while pertaining to her interest in the human form.

In 2009, Bonnie returned with her husband and children to the US where she continued to develop her work and establish her artistic path. Today her work is represented in art galleries in several states.   She exhibits in both juried and invitational exhibits, as well as national shows where she has won numerous awards and honorable mentions.  Since 2012 she has participated in several invitational art residencies in Poland and in France where she worked on themed exhibits created by collaborating international artists.

Her work can be found in both private collections in the US, England, Australia, and public installations in the US, Poland and France.

As an artist I find myself most intrigued in the study of the human form. I am as much inspired by dance and movement as I am by the subtleties and simplicity of unspoken gestures. Together these compose a universal language which I attempt to instill and imbue in my work.